Shoe care comes in many forms. Your first thought may be the traditional products such as polish and leather conditioners, but it can also include the protection of the sole and heel.

Shoe Polish


Look after them and they'll look after you.

The service which shoes give, and their appearance after months or years, depends very much on how you look after them. If shoes are cleaned regularly the right way they will last longer, look better, and keep their shape and water resistance.

Looking after your shoes from the very beginning is important, and can save a lot of money, heartache, and disappointment in the long-term. Investing a few minutes each month in caring for your shoes is the best thing you can do to protect your footwear investment. Combined with regular visits to the Howick Heel & Sole Bar, it will significantly extend the life of your favourite shoes.

Brown Leather Shoe


There's leather and then there's leather

Just the mere mention of the word, “leather”, instills into the mind, a picture of quality and luxury. Although in most instances this is definitely true, there is another side to the picture that most people are not aware of. There has been a decrease in the number of good quality animal hides being tanned, resulting in escalating costs.

One result has been a strong improvement in the manufacture of PVC's and the products being produced are becoming more and more difficult to differentiate from the “real thing”. To also compensate for the decreased availability of quality hides, and to keep production costs as low as possible, many manufacturers have opted to utilize hides that are inferior in grade. This creates an absolute minefield for the consumer as they attempt to decide as to whether or not a product is a mix of vinyl and leather, reconstituted leather, or just poor quality leather covered with a plastic coating to provide the strength and durability that should have been there in the first place.

Leather goods such as belts and watchbands are extremely susceptible to unscrupulous labeling laws. Many of these items, (although clearly labeled “leather” and therefore allowing the consumer to mistakenly believe that they have purchased a high-quality product), are quite often a “sandwich” of a thin piece of leather and a synthetic backing, or front. Some belts which are labeled “bonded” leather actually have a piece of plastic in-between the two layers of “leather” to help give the impression of quality and strength. “Bonded Leather” should really be avoided if at all possible, especially in regards to belts. This is also known as “reconstituted leather” because it is simply scrap, mixed with glue and moulded into sheets. It is comparable to purchasing “particle board” as against “solid timber”.

Bonded leather most probably has a place somewhere in the world, but not if the consumer is intent on purchasing a product that is high in quality, and expected to provide many years of uncomplicated service.

Pay us a visit and let us competently and honestly advise you on which course of action is best to take care of your leather goods,

Remember ... guesswork as to which product you think may be suitable may result in a costly error.

Brown Leather Shoes


It's not just old, worn out shoes that need attention.

It may seem like a strange concept, but the best time to visit us with your shoes is when they are brand new.

Having a protection sole applied to your new footwear is not only a cost-effective option as it's significantly cheaper than repairing worn shoes, but it also has other benefits such as extending the life of the soles and adding slip resistance to them.

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