Our commitment to quality sets us apart from some other shoe repair shops. We cater to our customer's wants and needs, providing them with additional benefits such as specialised craftsmanship, custom alterations, and old fashioned service with a quick turnaround of repairs. Find out all that we offer by getting in touch with us today.


Shoe repair adds value to your footwear investment.

We can save you money, make your shoes more comfortable and keep you looking good. We know how much money you spend on quality footwear, bags, and leather goods, yet so often as we go about our busy lives, so many of us neglect to take care of them - that is until it is almost too late!

Unless you are a person who needs to have their footwear altered to cater for a particular disability, you may not realise that looking after your footwear is also important to your health. Overworn, uneven heels can cause ankle injuries, loose soles can cause sudden trips, and sweaty shoes can create problems with fungal diseases.

Due to cost-cutting by footwear manufacturers, a considerable number of shoes these days are produced with plastic soles and heels. Plastic has no grip, does not wear very well, and can be extremely dangerous when the situation causes someone to have a bad fall and break a bone.

If you have a pair of shoes that are perfectly broken in, a repair can keep them looking new while maintaining that broken-in feel. Having non-slip protection half soles put on your favourite or even your new shoes, will give you peace of mind on those slippery surfaces.

Shoe Repair Services
Here are some of the many services that we offer.

  • Protective non-slip soles that can be applied to prolong the life of leather or plastic soles.

  • Heel tips can be changed from hard, dangerous plastic to non-skid rubber.

  • Shoes can be stretched for increased comfort.

  • Heel plates can be applied to prolong the life of the heel.

  • Eyelets and other hardware can be replaced.

  • Replacement of worn or loose sock-linings with high-quality leather.

  • Reattach or replace broken or loose heel blocks.

  • Re-cover heel blocks with smooth leather or veneer.

  • Resoling of dance, boat, and sports shoes.

  • Alteration of boots to fit your leg dimensions. Both enlarging and reducing.

  • Shoes can be adapted to fit your unique feet. i.e. The building up or lowering of heels or soles to compensate for differences in leg length, or adjusting elastic to make for a better, more secure fit.

More than shoes
Our expertise isn't limited to your feet. We can also:

  • Replace zippers. 

  • Shorten belts. 

  • Repair luggage. 

  • Stitch handbags. 

  • Replace buckles.

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